Manuscript Preparation

Zombies Can Teach You How To Make Your Abstract Standout

Research abstract, if done well, it makes editors want to learn more about your research. If done badly, your manuscript might not survive in editors' screening.

Do you have a publication strategy for your research?

Getting your study results published in a prestigious journal would considered as icing on the cake. Do you have the strategy for publication? 

Why My APA ​Writing For Introduction Is Better Than Yours?

A well-written introduction sets the tone for the paper, catch the audiences' attention, and communicate the hypothesis.

How To Turn Your Method Section Writing From Zero To Hero

Your goal is to describe the details of your study in such a way that another researcher could duplicate your methods exactly. 

Publication Process

Two Key Steps To Find The Right Journal

Hitting a target is not easy; neither is selecting the right journal. Check out how we helped our client find the right target journal.

Pissed Off By A Long Period Of Editorial Assessment?

The peer review process for journal publication is essentially a quality control mechanism. However, decision-making process is a drag.

Publication Ethics

Never Suffer From Predatory Journals and Conferences

Have you ever tricked by sugar-coated emails from unknown journals inviting you to submit a manuscript or have you ever fooled by a name that sounded like a familiar journal or big names?

Is Duplicate (Simultaneously) Submission An Issue?

Authors should not submit the same manuscript, in the same or different languages, simultaneously to more than one journal.

Ethics Of Authorship: Is Ghostwriting Plagiarism?

Not only is the academic ghost-writing business flourishing, it’s becoming increasingly lucrative.

Publication Planning

If You Fail To Plan, Then Your Plan Will Fail

Though publication planning positions itself as developing and disseminating science, simultaneous rise of publication planning and sales growth is certainly not coincidental.

The Secret To Maximizing Your Academic Impacts

Have you reached a plateau in your academic career? There are ways to increase your visibility, establish your expertise, highlight your interest and maximize your academic impact.