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Dr. Yiqun Zhou

Dr. Yiqun Zhou, Founder of EME Pharma Consultants, has established EME Pharma Consultant since June 2017. Yiqun served as Medical Information manager, publication manger and medical writer in Roche Pharmaceutical company and Medtronic in China and U.S. Yiqun has published 21 articles in prestigious journals, including clinical trials, reviews and basic research. Yiqun has delivered numerous publication related workshops in prestigious hospitals and also helped hundreds of physicians publish their research in prestigious journals. Ever since she established EME Pharma Consultants, her clients include Denovo Biopharma, GFK SE, Peking Union Medical Hospital, Xuanwu Hospital, Beijing Cancer Hospital, Fenix Group, Cancer Institute and Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences etc. Yiqun holds a Ph.D degree in immunology and has over 10+ research experience in China and U.S. prestigious institutes.

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We only specialized in our strength--Oncology and Hematology

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We offer doctorate-level expertise with extensive publication experiences in oncology and hematology


We dedicate to serve our customers with rapid turnaround.

What we offer

Manuscript Writing

Write manuscript and organize figures and tables based on experiment protocol and CSR provided.

Manuscript Editing

Check figures, tables, citation, references, structure and languages according to the requirement of target journal.

Manuscript Formatting

Format manuscript, figures, tables, citations and references according to the requirement of target journal.

Manuscript proof-reading

Correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, enhancement, style and sentence structure.

Target Journal Selection

Reply questions of editor/reviewers and edit manuscript according to their comments and re-submission.

Publication Workshops

Deliver publication related workshops to help physicians and healthcare professions to connect the dots.

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We are looking for experienced medical writers who specialized in oncology or hematology.

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